Our Team

Satish Chukkapalli, Founder, Director.

Satish Chukkapalli is an MBA in International Marketing and HR; Satish has 20 years experience in the field of International Marketing & Product Development of Textile garments Manufacturing and exporting Fair-trade & Organic textiles to major fashion brands across Europe. Expert in structuring the social sustainable textile supply chain from Organic cotton fields to the Leading Textile brands around the world is his core domain strengths.

Zammen Organic team consists of Organic agriculture engineer from Wageningen University, Netherlands. Having 10 yrs. experience in the field of organic farming in India, Tanzania and Europe. The team members had worked in standardizing bodies like IFOAM, Fair-trade Labeling Organization and Social Accountability International.


Zameen works closely with reputed NGO organizations in capacity building, child labor eradication, health standards, women’s empowerment, watersheds & nutrition. Zameen works closely with foreign interns from various reputed universities around the world in capturing various environmental, Social and economical impacts caused in the whole Zameen Value Chain.

Zameen has a sales team based in India and representatives in Europe and the US.