Alok’s Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments

Alok’s Corporate Social Responsibility Commitments


Alok Industries understands the importance of building and sustaining prosperity without harming natural resources. It invests in process innovations that enhance efficiency in the use of materials. The company has also committed resources to aligning new, clean technology with production to make textiles without damaging or diminishing the environment.

Alok’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda reflects the company’s social conscience and commitment to worker communities and society at large.

Community Development

Alok Industries looks to help raise the quality of life for the communities it operates within. It brings together government bodies, local administrations and village panchayats to the benefit of people in rural areas including the tribal belt of Dadra and Nagar Haveli. Alok also trains tribal women to operate stitching machines, helping them earn sustainable livelihoods.


Alok’s community development project, ‘Early Learning Centre’, set up to educate children, is nearing completion at Silvassa. Alok Industries also helps to refurbish and support underfunded schools in its areas of operation and proposes to set up a day school in Silvassa under the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) curriculum.

The company has been selected to work in collaboration with the government and the local administration in upgrading the government Industrial Training Institute, Silvassa, into a centre of excellence.

Charitable Hospital and Medical Care

Alok Industries has been invited to partner with the government in taking over a 50 bed primary health centre in Dadra and Nagar Haveli. The centre delivers healthcare services to an estimated one million patients each year. The company often participates in blood donation camps and is at the forefront in providing assistance to local administrations in the event of floods and other natural disasters.

Creating a Sustainable Environment

Alok Industries’ manufacturing plants are energy efficient, environmentally friendly and rated highly for their sustainable design. The company has installed top of the range effluent treatment systems to minimise any risk of pollution from the manufacturing process.

Water Treatment and Conservation

Several processes ensure that the water discharged at Alok’s plants has no traces of suspended solids. The waste water is pumped through a nine kilometer pipeline from the plant area into the ocean. The company has also installed reverse-osmosis plants at its manufacturing sites, ensuring optimal water recycling.

Alok Industries is taking measures towards rainwater harvesting and boosting groundwater, creating sustainable and renewable environmental resources. The company also helps to transform brownfield sites in the vicinity of the plant into green zones, which helps to renew the groundwater tables.

In Search for More...

Alok, in its efforts to ‘green’ the textile industry, is constantly seeking out new partnerships to develop eco-friendly raw materials. One such venture has resulted in a cotton fibre recycling unit, which produces regenerated fibre from cotton fabric waste. This fibre is then spun, knitted and remade into new products by Alok.

As this innovative project further develops, Alok plans to dedicate one of its spinning units to the spinning of recycled products, including recycled polyester. Natural fibres such as Bamboo, Banana, and Soya are already being processed.